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[PPT] What is Stop 6 Accident ?? Accident Prevention Method Training PPT

What is Stop 6 Accident ?? Accident Prevention Method Training PPT 

What is Stop 6 Accident ?? Accident Prevention Method Training PPT

    The Accidents Main Causes are ,
  A: Being caught in machines
B: Coming in contact with heavy objects
C: Coming in contact with vehicles
D: Falling
  E: Electrocution
  F: Coming in contact with heated objects
  G: Gillette – Cut Related (STOP 6+1)
  H: Health related (STOP6+2)

How to Reduce or eliminate Stop 6 Accidents from Work place ?
Under stand what is Stop 6 type accidents
Divide your work area & equipments in to multiple area
Analyze possible accidents in process or equipments
Take counter Measure
Educate the Members & maintain ensure Members following the counter measure

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