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[PPT] Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and it's 16 Section Training Document

[PPT] Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and it's 16 Section Training Document 

Material Safety Data Sheet is Horoscope of the Chemical.
MSDS Reveals the properties of chemical, its nature, different hazards, preventive measures in storage & handling, First Aid measures.

It has  16 (Ten)  sections 

[PPT] Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and it's 16 Section Training Document

Threshold Limit Value-Time-Weighted Average, TLV-TWA -- Time-weighted average concentration for an 8-hour workday and a 40-hour work week in which a worker may be repeated exposed without adverse health effects.
Threshold Limit Value-Short-Term Exposure Limit, TLV-STEL -- This is the maximum concentration which workers can be exposed for 15 minutes continuously without adverse health affects. Only four of these 15-minutes exposures are permitted per day and must have 60 minutes between exposures. The TLV-TWA still must not be exceeded.
Threshold Limit Value-Ceiling -- This is a defined boundary unlike TLVs which are guidelines. It is the concentration which should never be exceeded at any time during the working exposure.

Permissible Exposure Limit, PEL -- This is one of the most important OSHA limits used. It is defined as the allowable limit for air contaminant in which workers may be exposed day after day without adverse health effects.

[PPT] Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and it's 16 Section Training Document

Physical and Chemical Properties
üMolecular  Weight :
üFlashpoint: oC
üAuto ignition Temperature: oC
üBoiling Point: oC  @ 760 mm Hg
üMelting Point: oC
üVapor Pressure: mm Hg @ 23oC
üVapor Density(Air=1):
ü% Solubility in Water: @ 20ºC

üOdor/Odor threshold:  
üLower Flammability Limit: %
üUpper Flammability Limit: %
üSpecific Gravity:  @ 20oC
ü% Volatile: 
üEvaporation Rate (Water=1):
üViscosity:  cP @ 25oC
üOctanol/Water Partition Coefficient: log Kow:

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