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Indian Standards Relevant to Different Types of Personal Protection Equipment

a. Head Protection i) Non-metal Helmet for Firemen and Civil Defence Personnel (Second revision); reaffirmed (1996), IS:2745-1983 ii) Industrial Safety Helmets (Second revision); reaffirmed (1995), IS:2925-1984 iii) Protective Helmets for Motor Cycle Riders (Third revision); reaffirmed (1998), IS:4151-1993 b. Eye Protection i) Equipment of Eye and Face Protection during Welding (First revision); reaffirmed (1991), IS:1179-1967 ii) Safety Glass (Second revision), IS:2553-1971 iii) Eye Protector (First revision); reaffirmed (1991), IS:5983-1980 iv) Methods of Tests for Eye Protectors: Part 1 - Non-optical Test (First revision); reaffirmed (1991), IS:7524- 1980 Part 2 - Optical Test (First revision); reaffirmed (1991), IS:7524-1980 v) Guide for Selection of Industrial Safety Equipment for Eye, Face and Ear Protection; reaffirmed (1996), IS:8520-197 vi) Industrial Safety Face-shields: Part 1 with Plastic Visor; reaffirmed (1991), IS:8521-1977 Part 2 with Wire-mesh Visor, IS


  LIST OF SELECT INDIAN STANDARDS ON SAFETY & HEALTH GENERAL IS 3646 : 1922 Part 1 Code of practice for interior illumination General Requirements and recommendations for welding interiors IS 3646 : 1968 Part 3 Code of practice for interior illumination – Calculation of coefficients of utilization by the BZ method. IS 3786 : 1983 Methods for computation of frequency and severity rates for industrial injuries and classification of industrial accidents. IS 5182   : Part 1 to 21 Methods for measurement of Air Pollution IS 8095 : 1976 Specification for Accident Prevention Tags IS 8990 : 1978 Code of practice for maintenance and care of industrial safety clothing. IS 9457 : 1980 Safety colours and safety signs IS 11972 : 1987 Code of practice for safety precautions to be taken when entering a sewerage system. IS 14489 : 1998 Code of pra


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