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Hand safety Training PPT

The most common injuries in the working field are hand injuries , so hand safety training is very valuable training for a safe workplace. Hands are your worker’s one of the most important tools to perform the job. 46% of the total injury cases as of date contribute to hand injury cases. Insist that your workers recognize hand hazards; follow established safety guidelines, and use protective guards and gloves. Your efforts can help protect your workers’ hands from injury and unnecessary disability. The hand is one of the most complex parts of your body – the movement of the tendons, bones, tissues and nerves allows you to grip and do a wide variety of complex jobs  Without your hands, it would be extremely difficult to do routine simple tasks, such as opening doors, using a fork, or tying your shoes. Your hands make you a skilled, valuable worker The improper use or misuse of hand tools causes minor to serious hand injuries Training Objectives: 1)Recognize at-risk behaviors that le

Download Supervisor Safety Training PowerPoint [PPT] - Enhance Workplace Safety

Supervisor Safety Training PowerPoint Presentation , "Empower your supervisors with our comprehensive Supervisor Safety Training PowerPoint presentation. Learn how to overcome challenges, identify hazards, conduct thorough incident investigations, and access additional safety resources. Elevate your supervisors' leadership skills and foster a safer work culture through effective safety training. Equip them with the knowledge to drive positive change and create a secure workplace environment. Start building a safety-conscious team today!" ** Agenda of Training **   - Introduction: Importance of Supervisor Safety Training - Understanding the Role of Supervisors in Creating a Safe Work Culture - Key Objectives of the Training Program - Overview of Training Topics   ** Supervisor Challenges **   - Identifying Common Challenges Faced by Supervisors in Safety Management - Dealing with Time Constraints and Workload Pressures - Effective Communication wi

Safety committee functions with objectives and duties [PDF]

                                                                                                                               Functions and Duties 1. Management Commitment to Workplace Safety and Health ♦ Establish procedures for review and management's response to minutes. ♦ Submit written recommendations for safety/health improvement/changes and response. ♦ Evaluate employer's safety/health policies and procedures. ♦ Respond in writing to safety committee recommendations. ♦ Review corrective action taken by management. 2. Committee Meetings and Employee Involvement ♦ Establish procedures for employee input, i.e. to receive suggestions, report hazards, and other pertinent safety and health information. ♦ Include employee input on agenda for safety committee meetings. ♦ Hold monthly meetings. ♦ Keep meeting minutes. ♦ Develop and make available a written agenda for each meeting. ♦ Take meeting minutes and distribute to management and the safety committee members. ♦ Include in

Free download this Work at height job inspection checklist in excel format .

 This work height job inspection checklist will be help for your work site inspection .Because every industrial and construction site have work height job activities so This related accident also increasing our area . You can download this work height checklist excel format and edit as you like . For download this excel check list click here given below button .                                                 for work height TBT click this link   Please comment your valuable suggestion .....

Important 54 Safety Toolbox Talk Topics Free download in PDF

Most Important 54 Safety Toolbox Talk Topics  Free download in PDF ...... Toolbox talks are short safety briefings / discussions on a particular safety topic relevant to a group of people. They might cover a particular hazard the group faces and the required control measures, learning from recent incidents etc. Toolbox talks are typically given to a group of people working in a specific area and could involve from a few workers up to more than 100 It should be used by toolbox talk leaders and supervisors to help them to prepare for their talks but it also should be used by management who attend talks to help them assess the quality and give feedback to the briefers.  Tool Box Talks Preparation:  Choose a suitable topic for the tool box talk. o This should be relevant for the audience o It should cover relevant hazards and their control measures o Try to include learning from incidents where possible to show the possible consequences o Toolbox talk should also include an update on any

Download HSE interviews useful questions and answers in PDF

HSE questions for interview and refresh your knowledge about safety . If you are working in oil and gas industry , as a safety officer you should  know this questions answers . so download this HSE questionnaire and refresh your safety knowledge . 👍 Comment your q= For download this HSE questionnaire  click below download button👇   Please comment your safety related questions . and if you want a whatsapp group for discuss safety topics comment your mobile number🔔 . 

Crane , Lift and safety training powerpoint presentation [ppt]

Crane , Lift and safety training powerpoint presentation [ppt] you can use for safety training program. safety officer should be learn this knowledge and share to your workman . This PPT contains given below details   1.To ensure the Safety of the USER, OPERATORS, EQUIPMENTS, LOAD  and the personnel around it. 2. UNDERSTAND and have sufficient KNOWLEDGE to be RESPONSIBLE person, when using LIFTING EQUIPMENTS. 3.Give and Understand the CORRECT HAND SIGNALS. 4.FAMILIARIZED PERSONNEL with various types of RIGGING and  SLINGING PROCEDURES and TECHNIQUES.  5.Giving you the ability to develop lifting plans, LMS & LRA. For Download this PPT Click below  For more Safety Training PPT comment here . Thank You 

Severe Burn from Short Circuited Li-Ion Battery . LFI

What happened? A crew member suffered severe burns when a Lithium-Ion battery on his person exploded and caught fire. The crew member was about to do the last task of the shift. He picked up a set of keys and a spare battery for his vaporizer from the table and put them in his pocket. He heard a loud bang and surprised, looked around to see the origin of the sound, and only then finding out that he was on fire. A motorman working nearby came to his aid and together they managed to get his boiler suit off. They saw the burning battery on the deck and stamped out the fire. Further assistance was called, and first aid was applied. The injured person was medevac’d shortly after to a shore-based hospital, where he was treated for 10 days before being repatriated to his home and undergoing further treatment. What was the cause? The metal keys created a short circuit with the battery. Carrying the battery in his pocket with the keys enabled the keys to provoke a ‘thermal runaway’ by either pu

Fatality During Pressure Test . LFI

A fatal incident has been reported which, while it took place on a drilling rig, is also relevant to many vessel operations. During a pressure test with nitrogen, a pressure relief valve in the treating line vented. The valve was rigged up in a vertical position approximately 60cm above the height of the line. As the valve vented, the assembly rotated through 90 degrees and hit the deck of the rig. During this rotation the assembly struck a crew member on the temple causing a fatal injury. Following investigation, the following points were noted: ♦ As the valve vented, the force caused the vertical stack to rotate through 90 degrees until it came into contact with the deck; ♦ The crew member was in the high pressure area while pressure was being applied in order to check the pressure on an instrument in the vicinity. The following lessons were drawn from the incident: ♦ There should be an exclusion zone around all high pressure equipment under test. No personnel should be in this zone

[PPT]Free Download Basic Safety Induction programme Training Material

A safety induction training describe the basic safety Rules and regulations about the company.  It ensures workers are fully informed about the organization and are aware of their work and responsibilities. This PPT contains given below some slides  For Download this PPT Click below  For more Safety Training PPT comment here . Thank You 


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