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[PPT] Hand Injuries Prevention Safety Training PPT .

§ The hand is one of the most complex parts of your body – the movement of the tendons, bones, tissues and nerves allows you to grip and do a wide variety of complex jobs § Without your hands it would be extremely difficult to do routine simple tasks, such as opening doors, using a fork, or tying your shoes § Your hands make you a skilled, valuable worker § The improper use or misuse of hand tools cause minor to serious hand injuries § Hand injuries are likely when the wrong tool is used or the right tool is used improperly Presentation Elements § Hand Hazards / Potential Injuries § Hand Hazard Controls § Proper Gloves for the job § Proper Tools for the job Click here For download this Hand Safety PPT 

[ppt] Basic Safety PPT free download

Click here For download this Basic Safety Guidelines  PPT 

A to Z information about Personal Protective Equipments in PDF formt

This post contains given below information  1. Need and limitation of PPE. 2. Requisite characteristics of PPE 3. Types of hazards and hazard-wise PPE necessary. 4. Types and characteristics of head protectors 5. Types and characteristics of Eye protectors 6. Types and characteristics of Hand protectors 7. Types and characteristics of Feet protectors 8. Types of hazards to skin and appropriate PPE for them. 9. Criteria for selection of respirators OR their merits and demerits. 10. Types of respiratory hazards. 11. Types of Gaseous contaminants 12. Types of particulate matters. 13. Classification of Respirators and their advantages and is limitations. 14. When canister or cartridge type respirator should not be used? 15. Colour code of canisters as per IS. 16. Selection, instructions and training in the use of respiratory equipment. 17. OSHA standard for respiratory protection. 18. Training, maintenance and care of PPE. 19. General precautions for using dif

[PDF] Training Evaluation Form download in pdf format

For Download this  Training Evaluation form  in PDF format click here

Click here For Download NEBOSH IGC 3 sample copy in doc format

For download this sample copy of NEBOSH IGC3   in Word format click here