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[PPT] Hand Injuries Prevention Safety Training PPT .

§ The hand is one of the most complex parts of your body – the movement of the tendons, bones, tissues and nerves allows you to grip and do a wide variety of complex jobs § Without your hands it would be extremely difficult to do routine simple tasks, such as opening doors, using a fork, or tying your shoes § Your hands make you a skilled, valuable worker § The improper use or misuse of hand tools cause minor to serious hand injuries § Hand injuries are likely when the wrong tool is used or the right tool is used improperly Presentation Elements § Hand Hazards / Potential Injuries § Hand Hazard Controls § Proper Gloves for the job § Proper Tools for the job Click here For download this Hand Safety PPT 

[ppt] Basic Safety PPT free download

Click here For download this Basic Safety Guidelines  PPT 

[PDF] Training Evaluation Form download in pdf format

For Download this  Training Evaluation form  in PDF format click here

Click here For Download NEBOSH IGC 3 sample copy in doc format

For download this sample copy of NEBOSH IGC3   in Word format click here


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