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Very Very Useful Job Safety Analysis for 34 mechanical Jobs ....

Overview JSA INDEX Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3 Sheet4 Sheet5 Sheet6 Sheet7 Sheet8 Sheet9 Sheet10 Sheet11 Sheet12 Sheet13 Sheet14 Sheet15 Sheet16 Sheet17 Sheet18 Sheet19 Sheet20 Sheet21 Sheet22 Sheet23 Sheet24 Sheet25 Sheet26 Sheet27 Sheet28 Sheet29 Sheet30 Sheet31 Sheet32 Sheet33 Sheet34 Sheet 1: JSA INDEX S no. JSA sheet main activity 1 Vehicle Entry inside the plant for loading/unloading material 2 PM of Pumps 3 PM/Maintenance of Fin Fans 4 Insulation Removal and Refixing 5 PM of Steam Turbines 6 Pump seal/bearing replacement/overhauling 7 Pump Decoupling for motor replacement 8 Nitrogen hose connection for purging of lines and equipments/vessels 9 Blinding/Deblind


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