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Construction Safety Basic Questions & Answers..

SE Q    U    E    S    T    I O    N    S A    N    S    W    E    R    S 1 Time limit of preliminary report? 24 Hours. 2 How many type of work permits 4 Types 3 What shell be distance between flammable storage and bulk combustible 15 Meters ( 50 feet ). 4 What is safe procedure to lighting the torch cutting operation? Spark Lighter. 5 What is the safety method to prevent cave ins in excavation? Shoring, Sloping and Benching. 6 What is the frequency of 10 minute safety talk? Weekly. 7 Explain the safe way to carry if load at fork lift obstruct the front view? Reverse. 8 What safety device shell be used to prevent direct contact with object and circular saw? Push Stick. 9 What is the meaning of FM & UL? Factory Mutual And Underwriters Laboratory. 10 What is the voltage


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