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Important 54 Safety Toolbox Talk Topics Free download in PDF

Most Important 54 Safety Toolbox Talk Topics  Free download in PDF ......
Toolbox talks are short safety briefings / discussions on a particular safety topic relevant to a group of people. They might cover a particular hazard the group faces and the required control measures, learning from recent incidents etc.
Toolbox talks are typically given to a group of people working in a specific area and could involve from a few workers up to more than 100
It should be used by toolbox talk leaders and supervisors to help them to prepare for their talks but it also should be used by management who attend talks to help them assess the quality and give feedback to the briefers.

 Tool Box Talks
 Choose a suitable topic for the tool box talk.
o This should be relevant for the audience
o It should cover relevant hazards and their control measures
o Try to include learning from incidents where possible to show the possible consequences
o Toolbox talk should also include an update on any safety deviations or learning from
incidents since the last toolbox talk even if these are not related to the main topic
 Choose who will present the toolbox talk
o Normally this will be a supervisor or manager
o The safety officer can also present the talk but most talks should be done by line
management. (This shows their leadership and commitment for safety).
 The presenter should have written notes for delivering the tool box talk.
o This should include a list of key points to be discussed
o It should include questions to encourage feedback from the group being briefed
o It should include feedback on deviations raised or incidents since the last briefing
o It should also cover any actions or unanswered questions from previous talks
 The presenter should be familiar with the topic of tool box talk.
o Do some research before the talk to ensure you can answer questions
o If it is a technical topic try to get somebody to help you who has the correct knowledge
 All workers need to be given toolbox talks
o Different groups may need different talks focussed to their work – it is unlikely that one
brief will be suitable for all workers so the talk should be appropriate to the group
o E.g. drivers face different hazards to welders / riggers etc.
o E.g. Groups going into confined spaces will need specific information
o Talks will normally be given in Hindi but special talks need to be given for non-Hindi
speakers in their own language

Delivering tool box talks
 Choose a location that is suitable for good and healthy discussions.
 Ensure everybody will be able to hear over any background noise. If necessary a megaphone or
loudspeaker should be used
 Ensure that everybody is present physically and mentally.
 The speaker should cover the  commitment at the beginning of the tool box talks
o That you shall take care of your safety and also for others
o You are working for an Incident and Injury free workplace.
o You are personally committed to it.
o Commit that you will share your experience and knowledge with others.
o Commit that you will appreciate the good work and also commit to correct the unsafe work.
 Presenter should be enthusiastic to the audience.
 Ensure that people are listening and not doing other things – if people, especially at the back, are
having other conversations or looking away you need stop this and involve them in the discussion
 Explain the decided topic using the pre-prepared notes as guidance
 Ensure that communication is two way – ask questions and listen for responses
 At the end of the main topic talk about recent deviations and incidents / injuries – ensure there is a
discussion on why these happened and how they can be prevented in the future
 At the end summarise the key points from the tool box talk and any actions agreed

Feedback and records
 A written feedback sheet must be filled in for each toolbox talk
 The record shall cover the main bullet points covered during the tool box talk.
 It shall also record the feedback received from the participants during the tool box talks.
 It should note any actions agreed or unanswered points which will be clarified in a later talk once an
appropriate answer is available
 It shall have a signed list of persons who attended
 Records shall be maintained for at least three months
  have a standard toolbox talk feedback sheet. This should be used or the contractor can use.

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