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Indian Standards Relevant to Different Types of Personal Protection Equipment

a. Head Protectioni) Non-metal Helmet for Firemen and Civil Defence Personnel (Second
revision); reaffirmed (1996), IS:2745-1983
ii) Industrial Safety Helmets (Second revision); reaffirmed (1995), IS:2925-1984
iii) Protective Helmets for Motor Cycle Riders (Third revision); reaffirmed
(1998), IS:4151-1993

b. Eye Protection
i) Equipment of Eye and Face Protection during Welding (First revision);
reaffirmed (1991), IS:1179-1967
ii) Safety Glass (Second revision), IS:2553-1971
iii) Eye Protector (First revision); reaffirmed (1991), IS:5983-1980
iv) Methods of Tests for Eye Protectors:
Part 1 - Non-optical Test (First revision); reaffirmed (1991), IS:7524-
Part 2 - Optical Test (First revision); reaffirmed (1991), IS:7524-1980
v) Guide for Selection of Industrial Safety Equipment for Eye, Face and
Ear Protection; reaffirmed (1996), IS:8520-197
vi) Industrial Safety Face-shields:
Part 1 with Plastic Visor; reaffirmed (1991), IS:8521-1977
Part 2 with Wire-mesh Visor, IS:8521-1994
vii) Code of Practice for Maintenance and Care of Industrial Safety
Equipment for Eyes and Face Protection; reaffirmed (1991), IS:8940-

c. Hand and Arm Protection
i) Leather Gauntlet and Mittens (Second revision); reaffirmed (1997),
ii) Rubber Gloves for Electrical Purposes (First revision), IS:4770-1991
iii) Industrial Safety Gloves:
Part 1, Leather and Cotton Gloves; reaffirmed (1991), IS:6994-1973
iv) Guide for Selection of Industrial Safety Equipment for Protection of
Arms and Hands; reaffirmed (1991), IS:8807-1978
v) Gloves and Mitts of Insulating Material for Live Working, IS:13774-1993

d. Foot and Leg Protection
i) Ankle Boots for General Purpose (Third revision); reaffirmed (1998),IS:583-1994
ii) Leather Safety Shoes and Boots:Part 1 for Miners, IS:1989-1986
Part 2 for Heavy Metal Industries (Fourth revision); reaffirmed (1992).
iii) Glossary of Footwear Terms (First revision); reaffirmed (1997), IS:2050-1991
iv) Protective Gaiters; reaffirmed (1983), IS:2472-1969
v) Safety Rubber Canvass Boots for Miners (Fourth revision), IS:3976-1995
vi) Fireman’s Leather Boots, IS:4128-1980
vii) Testing of Rubber Gloves/Boots for Electrical Purposes, IS:4770-1968
viii) Cotton Laces for Footwear, IS:4778-1982
ix) Industrial and Safety Rubber Knee Boots, IS:5557-1969
x) Moulded Solid Rubber Soles and Heels, IS:5676-1970
xi) Protective Steel Toe-caps for Footwear (Third revision), IS:5852-1996
xii) Code of Practice for Selection, Care and Repair of Safety Footwear;reaffirmed (1997), IS:6519-1971
xiii) Footwear, Method of Test
Part 1. Dimensions, Fittings Adhesion, Test, Peel Test, Heat Resistance
Test and Aging Test; reaffirmed (1991), IS:8085-1986
xiv) Protective Boots for Oilfield Workmen:
Part 1 - Leather Upper Boots; reaffirmed (1992), IS:9885-1981
Part 2 - Rubber Upper (First revision), IS:9885-1995
xv) Safety Footwear for Steel Plants; reaffirmed (1997), IS:10348-1982
xvi) Guide for Selection of Industrial Safety Equipment for Protection of
Foot and Leg; reaffirmed (1998), IS:10667-1983
xvii) Leather Safety Shoes for Women Workers in Mines and Steel Plants;
reaffirmed (1992), IS:11225-1985
xviii) Leather Safety Footwear having Direct Moulding Sole, IS:11226-1985
xix) PVC Boots, IS:12254-1988

e. Body Protection
i) Cotton Sewing Threads (Second revision) reaffirmed, (1991), IS:1720-
ii) Water Resistant Clothing:
Part 1 - PVC Coated Fabrics (First revision); reaffirmed (1994), IS:3322-
Part 2 - Polyurethane and Silicon Coated Fabrics, IS: 3322-1965
iii) Aprons, Rubberised, Acid and Alkalis Resistant (First revision);
reaffirmed (1991), IS:4501-1981
iv) Double Texture Rubberised Waterproof Fabric (Fourth revision);
reaffirmed (1994), IS:6110-1983
v) Protective Leather Clothing; reaffirmed (1990), IS:6153-1990
vi) X-ray Lead Rubber Protective Aprons; reaffirmed (1990), IS:7352-1974
vii) Guide for Selection of Industrial Safety Equipment for Body Protection;
reaffirmed (1991), IS:8519-1977
viii) Code of Practice for Maintenance and Care of Industrial Safety Clothing;
reaffirmed (1991), IS:8990-1978
ix) Conductive Clothing for Live Working at a Nominal Voltage upto 800
kV AC, IS:13771-1993
f. Safety Belts and Harness
i) Industrial Safety Belts and Harness (Second revision), IS: 3521-1989
ii) Material (Nylon Webbing) for Aircraft Safety Belts; reaffirmed (1987),
g. Ear Protection
i) Methods for Measurement of Real Ear Protection of Hearing Protectors
and Physical Attenuation of Ear Muffs (First revision); reaffirmed (1991),
IS: 6229-1980
ii) Guide for Selection of Industrial Equipment for Eye, Face and Ear
Protection; reaffirmed (1991), IS:8520-1977
iii) Ear Protectors; reaffirmed (1989), IS:9167-1979
h. Respiratory Protection
i) Colour Identification of Gas Cylinders and Related Equipment Intended
for Medical Use; reaffirmed (1990), IS:3933-1966
ii) Intermittent Positive Pressure Respirator Bag Type Manually Operated;
reaffirmed (1988), IS: 6194-1971
iii) Colour Identification Markings for Air Purifying Canisters and
Cartridges; reaffirmed (1991), IS: 8318-1977
iv) Glossary of Terms Relating to Respiratory Protective Devices;
reaffirmed (1991), IS: 8347-1977
v) Respirators, Chemical Cartridge; reaffirmed (1991), IS: 8522-1977
vi) Respirators, Canister Type (Gas Masks), (First revision 1998);
reaffirmed (1991), IS: 8523-1977
vii) Filter Type Particulate Matter Respirators; reaffirmed (1996), IS: 9473-
viii) Carbon Monoxide Filter Self-rescuers, IS: 9563-1980
ix) Recommendations for the Selection, Use and Maintenance of
Respiratory Protective Devices; reaffirmed (1991), IS: 9623-1980
x) Breathing Apparatus.
Part 1 - Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus (Compressed Oxygen
Cylinder), IS: 10245-1996
Part 2 -Open Circuit Breathing Apparatus (First revision), IS: 10245-
Part 3 - Fresh Air Hoses and Compressed Air line Breathing Apparatus;
reaffirmed (1992), IS: 10245-1982
Part 4 - Escape Breathing Apparatus (Short Duration Self-contained
Type); reaffirmed (1991), IS: 10245-1982
xi) Respiratory Protective Devices: Threads for Face Pieces.
Part 1. Standard Thread Connection, IS: 14138-1994
Part 2. Centre Thread Connection, IS: 14138-1994
xii) Respiratory Protective Devices - Full Face Masks, IS: 14166-1994
xiii) Respiratory Protective Devices Mouth-piece Assemblies, IS: 14170-


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