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SAFETY STANDARS: v   HELMET                                              Z-89.1     (ANSI) 1981 v   SAFETY GLASS                                 Z-87+      (ANSI) 1968 v   SAFETY HARNESS                           Z-359.1 (ANSI)   & 10.4 ANSI v   SAFETY SHOES                                 Z-47.1     (ANSI) 1967 v   RESPIRATOR                                     Z-88.2     (ANSI) 1992 v   SAFETY ON SCAFFOLDING       A-10.4 (ANSI) Safety is the control of hazards to obtain any acceptable level of risk, to perform a job properly and avoid incident and accidents at worksite…!!! 1.) WHAT IS METHOD OF STATEMENT?                               It is the documents submitted by contractor to client, covering the general work procedure of a particular job in safe manners as per required standard. 2.) WHAT IS THE USE OF WMS?                               We can plan and execute the work easily and safely, it also helps to know the codes and standar